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How to Deal with Dry Out & Repairs

One of the most common sections of the house affected by the water is the drywall. Drywall can get damaged easily and can become a huge task to repair. Wet leaky ceilings are generally the culprits in this situation. Besides for the inconvenience and ugly look, the drywall damages can lead to more serious levels of mold growth. You should never delay or waste any time to remove the wet drywall as soon as possible.

Drywall can begin peeling off once the water pressure inside takes over. Drywall can lead to structural defects and leave sharp nails sticking out from the walls. Be extra careful not to touch any rusted nails to avoid tetanus and other infections. Another huge problem is the risk of inhaling paint fumes, which could be fatal for elderly people and younger children. Take the initiative of covering all drywall defects with a large tarp or plastic sheet. Open all the windows to allow fresh air circulation and keep the toxic odors out.

Drywall is fairly easy to put up. You can even do it yourself, but it’s always a better idea to have a trained professional take over at this point. If the damages are severe enough, you may need to replace the entire drywall altogether. A licensed restoration expert can tell you whether or not the drywall surfacing can be restored or if a new project must be started from scratch. These projects usually take longer time periods, since a detailed plan must be brought into place.

911 Mold Oakland Is On the Way!

At 911 Mold Oakland, we are experts in the dry out and repairs business. We can fix any leaky ceiling pipe and match the exact coat of paint on the previous drywall structure in no time whatsoever! We offer a simple payment method referred to as direct billing. Of course, it also helps to know that we are very affordably priced as well. Don’t wait until your walls or ceiling surfaces begin to cave in! Give us a buzz today.

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