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What is Mold Testing

What is mold testing? Mold testing is a series of processes and procedures conducted within a home to determine the state of the air quality and the level of mold contamination hidden within the building materials of the home. Because black mold is toxic and a dangerous contaminant in a home, if your home has experienced flooding and water damage or has simply lived through a decade of humid Oakland summers, it is considered wise to have it tested for mold as a protection for those living within the home.

How to Do Mold Testing

Once you’ve determined the need for mold testing in your home, how should it be tested? Mold testing should be done multiple times, and if you can, in a variety of ways throughout the home because it is important to get an accurate calculation of the prevalence of mold in the home. There are three kinds of mold tests that can be conducted: air testing, surface testing, and bulk testing.
Air Testing: Taking samples of the air within the home, the air is then studied under a microscope. Air tests are incredibly important, as they can determine if you have a mold problem whether or not you can find the source of the mold. In many cases, this is the first sign for many homeowners that they have mold contamination.
Surface Testing: Surfaces of the home are tested through various methods. Samples are procured as a surface is carefully swabbed or tape lifted. They are then studied in a laboratory beneath a microscope. Not all surfaces in the home will show signs of contamination, so it is best to test a number of surfaces.
Bulk Testing: Bulk testing actually removes pieces of material from the home and this is taken away to the laboratory where they will test for mold problems and determine the concentration of mold in your home.

Who Can Do Mold Testing?

Perhaps the most important question of all is: Who can do mold testing? Many sources will tell you that you can do mold testing yourself and that testing kits are available for the process. Do not fall for this DIY flop! If you want an accurate testing of your home, a correct determination of the severity of contamination, and a precise diagnosis of the species of mold contaminating your home, you should have a professional like 911 Mold Oakland perform the testing in your home. Professionals are quick and accurate and once they have determined the level of contamination, they can provide safe extermination of the problem with mold remediation. If you think you have a mold problem or haven’t had your home tested in a while call 911 Mold Oakland!

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