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Not many people know this, but mold can mean serious trouble. We’re not talking just about its unsightly appearance, but rather about its derivative effects. Such effects may lead to poisonous fumes released by certain types of mold, to damage inflicted on your walls, floors, rugs, or furniture, and to any other type of the horde of trouble mold brings with it.

The second you detect mold within your house, or otherwise have any reason to suspect that there might be mold in your house even if you haven’t spotted it yet, it’s high time to call the experts. Tell tale signs can include visual appearance of mold, continuous malodor which source cannot be determined, repeated illnesses inflicting residents of the house, and so on and so forth.

Should you encounter any mold trouble, 911 Oakland’s experts have gathered for you a couple of tips regarding mold related situations:

Choose carefully – when choosing professionals to take care of your mold situation, put in some time to check who you’re choosing. You’d be best off choosing a certified company offering trained, certified, and insured technicians.

Speed of inspection – in this case: better slow than sorry. Inspectors should take their time while inspecting your house and not rush into conclusions. You’d want someone to perform a thorough job that will miss nothing. As some mold can be seen on walls or on other parts of your house, some mold is hidden and can only be detected with more advanced means than the naked eye.

What should the inspector be looking for – a thorough mold inspection should reveal if there’s mold growing in your house and where it has taken residence, but it should also detect the source of water, humidity, or moisture that had caused the mold to appear in the first place. This way, the solution can be administered to both the source and its symptoms and assure a lasting result.

If you do need professional assistance with mold, don’t hesitate to contact our 24/7 staffed dispatch center. We’ll take it from there!

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