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On August 24 2014 the ground in and around the city of Napa California shook in a force higher than ever before recorded in modern times. This earthquake has since begun to be referred to as the “Napa earthquake”.The earthquake measured 6.0 on the Richter scale making it the fiercest to hit the San Francisco Bay area since Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989.

The Scale of Damage

The Napa Earthquake caused damage in Napa itself and in the nearby city Vallejo. Some 200 people were injured, about 150 buildings suffered damage extensive enough to be red-tagged by authorities as “too dangerous to enter”, access to another 1000 buildings was limited, cracks as wide as 20 inches opened in highways rendering them unsafe to drive on, several fires started (four homes were destroyed by fires), many buildings suffered water damage as a result of flooding from broken pipes, power was interrupted to 70,000 customers of the Pacific Gas and Electric Company (the largest supplier of power to the citizens of Napa).
It is estimated that damage costs exceeded 500 million dollars (half a billion).

Disaster Restoration

911 Mold Oakland takes special measures to be ready to assist in dealing with earthquake damage as well as damage from other natural disasters such as severe storms.
Among the types of damage we can assist in coping with are water, sewage, mold, fire and smoke damage. All of these types of damage may occur as a result of earthquakes, as was well demonstrated with the formidable Napa earthquake.

With disaster restoration time is of the essence, it is important to act fast in order to limit the scale of damage and to restore property to its original state so that residents can go on with their lives.
At 911 Mold Oakland we not only have the necessary man power and equipment enabling us to assist  in restoration of wide scale earthquake damage, our expertise and proficiency allow us to deal with numerous urgent jobs simultaneously, getting things done both rapidly and with unmatched quality of results.

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