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Soda blast  has been proven to restore a home from mold growth and destruction as it uses sodium bicarbonate through a compressed air.

Trusting Only the Expert

When planning to remove the growing molds in crevices and other areas of the home, it is important to trust only the expert. In 911 Mold Oakland, we always ensure the safety of our customers and provide them the best remedy for their household concern. We completely remove any traces of molds, in order to keep the family away from the potential effects of it. In fact, we have been recognized in Oakland as the primary leader of mold removal as well as mold remediation services. Our comprehensive and effective services ensure every household to be free from mold growth, especially those who are having children.

Over the years, we consistently provide the best mold remediation services in Oakland because of our professional team. We are consisting mainly of licensed technicians who are well experienced in the field and who are equipped with the right tools and skills. We work hand in hand to make sure that every need is addressed well and every customer is satisfied. We are available 24 hours a day in 7 days a week so that the entire household in Oakland are free from molds and can live peacefully. If ever you have found some traces of mold in your house, do not attempt to touch it or clean it. Just call us right away and let our professional team handle the case.

How Soda Blast Cleaning is Done

We have a lot of techniques to remove mold growth and one of them is soda blast cleaning. As soon as we arrive at your home, we immediately conduct the necessary tests and assessments to know the degree of mold growth and how we can go about it. We will swab some samples and send it to the laboratory so we can determine the toxic level of the molds. After that, we will remove it with our state of the art equipments and ensure that no debris is left. Whenever you have found some molds growing in your home, let 911 Mold Oakland do the cleaning for you.




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