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Are you worried that after the storm has passed and the rain has disappeared that you might still have to face house damages due to residue that the rainwater has left in its wake? Chances are, your roof, walls, drainages, and pipe fixtures have had much to deal with when the storm was passing in Oakland, and you might be neglecting to check what it’s done.

Storm Damage Restoration

Whether you’re worried that your pipes and drainage systems might be clogged from all the residue the rain left in its wake, or your roof might have been nursing a leak for quite awhile, 911 Mold Oakland has all types of services you might need that can be categorized under storm damage. From professional services care of licensed servicemen who have been in the restoration industry for many years, 911 Mold Oakland will take care of your busted pipes and drain them of all the dirt that’s causing awful smells in your kitchen, or preventing clean water from reaching your faucets—all at affordable prices, done right in front of you as you watch. You can schedule an appointment any time during the week, including weekends, and if you’re worried that the damage might worsen, call us right away and we’ll get a team dispatched to your area (wherever you may be in Oakland) right away.

Affordable Services At Your Disposal

We know that maintaining a house that you’re meant to reside in for years to come is a tedious task, especially when it comes to all sorts of replacements, renovations, and restorations. That’s why we’ve kept our prices low and affordable—just call us for an estimate of the services you think you’ll need—without compromising the quality of work we do. We make sure that our reliable restorations will last the next big storm, or the next big storms for that matter, without anything having to be repaired again. That’s something we’ve taken pride in here at 911 Mold Oakland.

Our services cover all types of fixtures at your house that a storm or hurricane might possibly damage, and here’s a list of them:

  • Flood damage restoration
  • Ceiling water damage restoration
  • Basement water damage repair
  • Flood cleanup
  • Water removal

And basically anything else you’re concerned about.




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