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Mold Takes Life of Celebrity Actress and Husband

Mold truly has no limits or boundaries when it comes to taking lives. That was the case with celebrity actress, Brittany Murphy, and her husband, Simon Monjack. The celebrity couple had been living in their mold-infested mansion for quite a … Read more


Can Mold Hurt Your Pets?

Pets can bring a lot of unwanted bacteria and dander into the household. It’s always important to keep your home clean, and your pets clean as well. Mold can easily follow your pet home, since pets are highly at risk … Read more

toxic mold

Toxic Mold: The Basic Facts

Arm yourself with knowledge, the greatest tool against the blight of toxic mold, with our helpful guide on the basic facts surrounding the major strains of toxic mold, the damage they can cause to health, and why it is so … Read more

HVAC Duct Cleaning

HVAC Duct Cleaning

Everybody knows there’s a distinction between the clean air within the countryside and the smoggy, contaminated air in the city. Whether in downtown LA or Times Square, Ny, the contaminants and antigens which are found throughout the air means the … Read more

Crisis Water Damage Restoration

Crisis Water Damage Restoration

Many people are acquainted with those hard storms in which the weather reporter informs us to stock up since the flood is coming. It slowly begins overnight, and by midway through the day, the Amazon River is going down the … Read more

How Does Mold Grow

Everybody knows that feeling of walking in to a room and feeling the hot, soaked, stale summer air just flying around everything. Those true muggy summer days when all you need is an air conditioner, a huge glass of soda … Read more

Air Conditioner Duct Cleaning

We are all familiar with those beyond hot and damp summers where we move from air conditioned building to air-conditioned building. Evidently every place we move year round, the air is being tampered with to make it great. All this … Read more

Identify the Indicators of Water Damage

It doesn’t take a lot water to do a significant amount of harm to a house. A compact split in a water can, a water faucet that isn’t shut off entirely, or possibly a blocked pipe, can overtime slowly induce … Read more

Mold Health Risks

We all know those regions of the household that we never go in. The dim parts of the front room that even now scare us from when we were little kids, the far back area in the basement, the attic. … Read more

Mold Types & Sorts

Many of us have witnessed a loaf of moldy bread or taken a slice of cheese out of the icebox to see significant blue and white spots on the edges. We accept that it is mold, get irritated that we … Read more